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안녕하세요 여러분. 부리타 미라서울 입니다!
Annyeonghaseyo, yeorobun. Poorita MiraSEOUL imnida!

Poorita MiraSEOUL was created with the idea of becoming your reliable and relatable source for all-things related to hallyu. We’ll post content that we hope would resonate to all of our fellow fans here in the Philippines and, hopefully, even beyond!

K-Pop has been in our DNA since 2008. From then on, anything and everything about the Korean culture has taken over our lives so much that we would like to call ourselves honorary Korean citizens. 

Being fangirls and fanboys is hard and oftentimes empties out our wallets. Despite this, nothing makes our hearts fuller than by showing our support for our beloved artists—from buying their albums to attending their concerts, or even flying to Seoul for the ultimate Korean adventure.

It’s been 12 years since we’ve been in the K-Pop fandom, and it doesn’t seem like we’re stopping anytime soon! Because being a fan means no regretting, just loving. ❤️

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